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Recent research shows that reliability (82%) and knowledge (68%) are the most important factors in a farmer's decision making process when choosing a supplier. Furthermore, despite the fact that the agricultural industry is extremely innovation-driven, innovation remains a constant challenge. According to farmers, suppliers should transform themselves into a knowledge partner who is not only aware of all developments and trends in the market, but who can also proactively advise them on their situation. Microsoft FarmBeats offers the solution.

Microsoft FarmBeats

With all the technology available, farmers and suppliers no longer only focus on the question of how to collect data, but also on what they should do with this data. Microsoft has developed a solution that can help farmers and suppliers to collect and use data in an efficient, accessible and affordable way. This solution is called FarmBeats. It collects data from multiple sources, such as sensors, drones, satellites and tractors, and feeds it into cloud-based AI models. FarmBeats is set up in such a way that it can convert the different types of data structures into a uniform format. Ultimately, this provides a detailed picture of the conditions on the farm of your customer.

Due to the flexible set-up of FarmBeats, it can be fully adapted to your business case and it will costs less time and money. We can make this process even more cost-efficient with a standardized app, based on Microsoft technologies such as the Power Platform, which we will demo in this webinar.

In this webinar we tell you all about what Farmbeats is, why it differs from existing solutions and how it can help your organization to proactively advise your customers.


  1. Introduction FarmBeats
  2. FarmBeats App demo
  3. In depth interview with Pieter Cuppen & Merwin Olthof – What can Farmbeats do for you


‘Using data & AI for proactively creating personalized opportunities’

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