The role of 3D printing and a parcel shipping strategy

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‘Re-thinking inventories to mitigate supply chain risk’

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Disruptions like the coronavirus can severely cripple global supply chains. Parts inventories, in particular, have suffered, forcing manufacturers to suspend operations due to a lack of components. Retailers have also been forced to re-allocate inventory in order to mitigate the virus’ impact. With other disruptions, like extreme weather events and trade disputes, becoming more common, how can supply chain organizations avert risks and adapt on short notice? Digitizing inventory and embedding 3D printing into your supply chain can help. So can a transportation management system for parcel shipping that optimizes your distribution.

Join DiManEx and Logistyx for this webinar, which will cover:

  • How to identify parts for digital inventory and secure them with an end-to-end, distributed platform
  • How a parcel shipping platform can improve agility and help you shift inventory in a cost-effective way, when disruptions occur
  • Real-life examples of companies that have successfully averted risks with these innovative technologies


Tibor van Melsem Kocsis

Tibor van Melsem KocsisTibor is the CEO of DiManEx, a company that makes 3D printing easy for supply chain teams. With DiManEx, you can identify the right parts for additive manufacturing, digitize your inventory and print parts on demand through a network of industrial-quality facilities. Prior to founding DiManEx, Tibor held commercial and supply chain roles at companies like Angst+Pfister, Emtelle Group and MCI Worldcom (acquired by Verizon). He has extensive experience in supply chain management.

Ken Fleming

Ken FlemingKen is President at Logistyx Technologies, the leading company in transportation management for parcel shipping. Ken has over 20 years of management experience in the software and technology services industry including B2B eCommerce, Supply Chain Management, eProcurement and Sourcing, and Enterprise Applications.

Logistyx Technologies provides a cloud Transportation Management System for parcel shipping that empowers organizations to achieve on-time delivery in full, while reducing transportation costs by up to 25%.